There are four risk factors for delayed wound healing


Managing your diabetes is key to prevent inflammation in the body. Prevention is better than a cure and can be the real answer to prevent chronic wounds from developing.


There are 4 vital nutrients required that play an important role in optimal wound healing: Protein, Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron. Eating small, regular nutritious meals is key to natural wound healing. If this is not possible consider an oral supplement high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals


Quitting smoking can help with faster wound healing. By not smoking, it will help to increase the bloody flow to the skin helping with faster tissue repair.


There are certain prescribed medications that can affect and delay the body’s natural wound healing process.

For advice on the wound healing process, come and visit our Pharmacists today.

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The four signs of a non-healing wound are: pain & heat, odour, slow healing and excess fluid. If you have a wound that’s not healing, come in and speak to our Pharmacists today for personalised advise.


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