Getting the flu shot helps protect you and other people around you. Getting vaccinated helps prevent the spread of the virus in the community. This is especially important to protect people who are more vulnerable, such as young babies or those with low immunity. [1]

Annual influenza vaccination is recommended for everyone over 6 months of age.* [2]

The flu vaccine stimulates the body to make antibodies, which fight the influenza virus. If you have been vaccinated, when you encounter the virus, your body is better prepared to destroy it, which helps prevent getting the flu.

Select pharmacies can provide a flu vaccination service, with no prescription required.

*Minimum age restrictions apply to vaccination services provided by pharmacists, which may vary by state and territory. To determine eligibility for this service, other considerations may also be taken into account by the pharmacist.

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Did you know?

The flu shot can’t give you the influenza. The idea that you can get the flu from a flu shot is a myth! [3]

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