People with asthma and hay fever sufferers are exposed to increased risks during the allergy season. Thunderstorms during these seasons pose an extra risk, combining pollen and moisture with strong winds to make things even more challenging. [1]

A whole picture approach to asthma management is best during this season. This can include taking control of your allergies, having an up-to-date Asthma Action Plan, and checking your asthma inhaler technique with your Pharmacist.

Improving your asthma inhaler technique can help lower the risk of medication side effects and lead to fewer asthma symptoms [2, 3].

Talk to our Pharmacists about your asthma management and inhaler technique to ensure you are best prepared for the increased risks of the allergy season.


Asthma Management
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Did you know?

Roughly 80% of Australians with asthma also have allergies like hayfever. Poor control of these allergies can make it more difficult to manage asthma. [4]

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