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Losing Weight


The following are suggestions for successful weight management./p>


  • Try to understand more about your eating habits, so you can change them if they are causing you to overeat. Keep a food diary which includes information about when you ate, where you ate, your mood at time of eating and whether you were taking part in other activities while eating (e.g. reading, watching TV). People may overeat because they are bored, lonely, stressed, unhappy, lack will power, lack knowledge about nutrition or they may simply be enthusiastic about food.
  • Eat regular meals daily.
  • Plan meals and grocery shopping trips (make a list of the items you need).
  • When you are at home, eat at the same place every meal (e.g. a table).
  • Relax while eating and avoid other activities while you are eating (e.g. reading, watching TV).
  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
  • Avoid eating between meals and when you are preparing meals.













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