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Forward pharmacy, forward thinking.

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Focused on patient care and pharmacist interaction, the new Pharmacist Advice model has been designed to grow dispensary sales, drive sales for OTC and core front of shop categories while providing a superior experience for the customer.

The new look ensures a balance between professional, clinical focused health solutions and dispensary services with core retail to further drive sales.

The forward dispensing model ensures patient and pharmacist interact each time a prescription is filled.

Your customers’ health matters

We pride ourself on meeting the health and wellbeing needs of the whole family. When you become a member, your pharmacy has the opportunity to provide extra advice and services on key health topics through the year.

Targeted health initiatives include - Bone Density, Iron Testing, Cholesterol Testing, Heart Health and more.

The Health Information Program runs through the year and provides customers with the opportunity to receive additional information on key health topics. The program covers topics from Diabetes to Baby Care to First Aid & Wound Care.

Weight Management is a key category for Pharmacist Advice stores as we have the opportunity to spend time with the customer. The Slimmm program (exclusive to API) has been designed to sit within the Pharmacist Advice model as it provides patients with the level of care they want and need.

2009 Brand of the year

Testament to API’s commitment, the new Pharmacist Advice model produced the winner of both the ‘Pharmacist of the Year’ and ‘The Pharmacy of the year’ at Nick Logan’s Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy in Artarmon, NSW.

Nick Logan and his team successfully demonstrated how Forward Pharmacy can be a legitimate and sustainable point of difference in the market.

The industry now clearly recognises this method of practice as leading edge and Pharmacist Advice as a model for the profession to follow. Pharmacist Advice remains the only brand offering professional pharmacy services as its core element.

"The Pharmacist Advice brand, with its consistent forward dispensing, is the most differentiated brand in Australian pharmacy. In this era of “big box discounters”, Pharmacist Advice has proven itself to be a distinctly alternative brand with sound commercial viability all the while promoting the integrity of the pharmacy profession. The Pharmacist Advice contract has trading terms and a generic deal which alone cover my membership fees and these fees include a loyalty program and local area marketing! As a pharmacist it is rewarding to be involved with a brand that strives to maximise your professional interaction with your customers and nourish your relationship with the local community. My BDM deserves an Order of Australia medal for her outstanding contribution to Australian pharmacy."

Nick Logan, Pharmacist Advice Artarmon.

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